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Welcome to the Board of Trustees site.

If you are an active or former board member we thank you for service to Brevard College.

Active members can find lots of useful information on this site. News, minutes, and meeting schedules will all be posted on this site. You must login to gain full access to those items. 

Board Member Information

Committee Information

Name Position/Title
Barbara Hulsey, '75 Chair
Heath Weldon, '75 Vice-Chair
Phillip Jerome Secretary
Julia S. Gray Assistant Secretary
Timothy Bailey, '70 Trustee
Dr. Betsy Barefoot Trustee
Rev. Dr. John Boggs, '74 Trustee
Douglas Brinkley Trustee
Lt. General Ronald Burgess Trustee
Richard Gardner, '69 Trustee
Jimmy Harris Trustee
Reginald Heinitsh, Jr. Trustee
Charles Henley Trustee
Dr. Peter Johnson Trustee
Edwin Jones, '62 Trustee
Brad Lakeson, '74 Trustee
Dr. Mark Lemel Trustee
Kathi Levine, '81 Trustee
Dr. Linda Martinson Trustee
Barbara Nesbitt Trustee
Jack Parker Trustee
Alfred Platt, Jr. Trustee
David Shi Trustee
Connell Stafford Trustee
Jerry Stone Trustee
Betty Taylor Trustee
Dona Vaughn, '64 Trustee
Gil West, '81 Trustee
Dr. David Joyce Ex-Officio Trustee
Bill Watson Ex-Officio Trustee
Davis Whitfield-Cargile, '05 Ex-Officio Trustee
Dr. Debbie D'Anna ELT/Staff
Deborah Hall ELT/Staff
Dr. Chad Holt ELT/Staff
Dr. Kathryn Holten ELT/Staff
Juan Mascaro ELT/Staff
Dr. Scott Sheffield ELT/Staff