The documents below will assist you in registering for your first semester at Brevard College. You will also receive these documents when you attend SOAR.
Advising Information Packet  
Table of Contents  
Collaborative Advising Provides the purpose and objective of advising at BC
Registration Tips Provides the beginning helpful things to be aware of in this first advising session.
Guide to First Semester and First Year Courses by Major Provides a quick view for courses to take based on your major interest
First Year Courses Provides courses recommended for incoming first year students listed by General Education Area.
Course Registration Instructions Step by step guide to entering courses
After You’re Home Your reminders and checklist from the day.
Worksheets and Checklist  
New Student Worksheet for Registration of Classes (example) This is your initial sheet for registration of your top class choices as well as choosing alternate classes.
Brevard College Planning Schedule A tool to help you layout your courses to help balance your days. Be sure to make time for lunch!
General Education Checklist You will use this throughout your BC career. This checklist will be used in your collaborative advising session with your faculty advisor. You have the 2015-2016 checklist today but will receive the 2016-2017 upon return in August.
(Major and minor checklists can be found at
Additional Handouts  
Parent Information Useful information for parents after SOAR