Supporting education technologies to enhance teaching and learning for faculty, staff, and students. 

To learn more about how education technology can enhance your teaching or learning experience, please contact James Brooks.

If you are having specific issues with Sakai or any of the other education technologies currently utilized at Brevard College, please submit a helpdesk ticket or review the Sakai resources currently available. 

Sakai works on desktop computers or mobile devices. All major web-browsers are supported however Chrome and Safari are the recommended browsers.

Go to to login and get started.

  • Please email with any questions or concerns regarding the upgrade.
  • All of the resources on this page have been updated for Sakai 11.

If you are having specific issues with Sakai or any of the other educational technologies currently utilized at Brevard College, please submit a helpdesk ticket.

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Additional materials will be added as they become available.



For in-person support please visit the IT HelpDesk, the Library, or the Academic Enrichment Center. You can also email or call 828-884-8303.

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New to Google Drive? View our Getting Going With Google Drive page to begin.

A few things to know when using Google Drive at Brevard College:

  • Your Drive account is tied to your Brevard College Google account which is the one you use to login to your Brevard College email.
  • The most up to date information on using Google Drive is found by visiting Google's Help Center for Drive.
  • You can also find help that is relevant to whatever you are working on in Drive by clicking on the settings button and then the Help link. 

The video below is a recorded workshop that provided an overview of Google Drive. 

Desktop Application (click to view){expander}

The Google Drive Desktop Application allows you to save files to your Drive seamlessly right from your file manager or other programs you save from. The video below will show you how to login to the Google Desktop Application.  


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Digital Storytelling Overview (click to view){expander}

Digital Storytelling is:

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Production

In short, it's the presentation of a concept or idea in narrative form using a variety of digital media to support the story. The video below is a live recording of the Digital Storytelling workshop that was offered 1/26/16. The associated slideshow is also provided below. 

Digital Storytelling Tools (click to view){expander}

There a lot of tools out there for creating digital stories. For the most part, these can be classified as tools for creating, editing, and sharing. There can be overlap with certain tools that are multi-functional. The following sheets provide details on some of my favorite tools at the moment. Let me know if you have a favorite tool that should be added to this list.

Digital Storytelling Resources (click to view){expander}

Storyboard Template

Copyright Resources

Audio Resources

Image Resources

Video Resources

To learn more about any of the resources or tools used to create digital stories, please reach out to setup an appointment with the EdTech staff at Brevard College.

Examples (click to view){expander}

Mailboxes in Rural America (made for Spring 16 Faculty Development Days)

Mailboxes in Rural America Storyboard (used for planning/production of digital story)

Examples from University of Houston (made by UH students)

Check out the EdTech toolbox to learn about integrating digital media into instruction. 

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