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My.Brevard upgraded to 8.4.3

The software running My.Brevard (JICS) has been upgraded to the newest version, 8.4.3. Attached are the release notes for 8.4.2 and 8.4.3

JICS 8.4.2 ReleaseNotes.pdf

JICS 8.4.3 ReleaseNotes.pdf

SMO 12977 and CRM Student/Faculty 1.7

SMO 12977 and the corresponding CRM upgrade to have been applied. Below are the new features, bug fixes, and known issues from this SMO.

SMO 12977
CRM Student 1.7
CRM Faculty 1.7


Registering Gaming Consoles and Other Devices

When you connect a gaming device to the wireless network, it will need to be registered to gain access to the internet.  To register your gaming device, goto the following in your favorite web browser.  Cli...

Wireless issues in Beam Dorm

WiFi Specturm - Beam HallThe issues plaguing the wifi networks in Beam Residence Hall have been resolved, and the wifi network is working as expected at this time. The cause of the issues were an HP wireless printer and a misconfigured Chromecast. As you can see in the wireless s...