Career & Major Exploration

Undeclared major? You are not alone. Most students are uncertain of the area of study they would like to pursue. Students may also have a variety of interests and have trouble narrowing their choices. Most students change their major at least once, and some change several times.

Understanding yourself, your skills, values, abilities, and interests helps you choose your major. By discussing your aspirations and utilizing OCED resources, you can better clarify your goals and select a path that is meaningful and fulfilling. Choosing a major is a process, and the OCED is the place to begin your exploration.


You can view a complete list of Brevard College Majors & Minors here.




FOCUS 2 - A self-paced, online career and education planning tool

FOCUS 2 is an online, interactive, self-guided career and education planning system designed to help you make decisions about your future career goals and education plans. ALL new BC students are required to complete Focus 2.

How to Setup Your Account and Login to FOCUS 2

You will need the Career Services access code to register.

Contact 828-884-8249 or for help acquiring the access code.

New Users

Create your account by linking to your Brevard College’s FOCUS 2 self-registration page from the following URL:

You will need the Career Services access code to register.

Contact 828-884-8249 or for help acquiring the access code.

Returning Users

Log back into your FOCUS 2 account at any time. The FOCUS 2 login page for Brevard College can be accessed from the following URL:

Using FOCUS 2

The layout of FOCUS 2 is designed to walk you through the first steps of your career planning process. Most students start at the top of the home page and work their way down, but you may want to visit some of the “Recommended Tools and Websites” at any stage in your process.


Online Career Interest Assessments (click to view) {expander}

Online Career Interest Assessments:

NOTE-Please use online tests as a fun tool to explore interests, but DO NOT RELY ON THESE RESULTS ALONE! Meet with a career counselor for a complete assessment, and to discuss what the results mean for you.

College Foundation of NC - The Career Key 

Myers-Briggs (Jung Typology) Test: link

My Next Move:

Myers-Briggs: link

Keirsey: link
Life’s Purpose: link link
MAPP (Motivational Assessment of Personal Potential): link

Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI): link

Career Exploration Links (click to view) {expander}


College Foundation of NC/Bridges Planning Tools - Choices Planner

O*NET Online: link

Occupational Outlook Handbook: link

How to Become: link

Doctorly: link

Princeton Review's Career Assessment: link

Career One-Stop: link

Occupational Outlook Quarterly: link

Career Descriptions: link

Career Magazine Online: link

The Riley Guide: link

US Bureau of Labor Statistics: link

US Department of Labor - Career One Stop: link

Salary Info: link

Choosing a Major (* for freshman): link

Employee Evolution- Career info for the Millennial Generation

Richard Boiles: What Color is Your Parachute?