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The Brevard College Office for Career Exploration and Development can assist you with employee recruitment and hiring. We welcome the opportunity to connect you to our students and alumni, and are pleased to market your jobs and internships to our talented pool of applicants. To list an internship or job opening submit the information using Job Board IO.

Job Searches

These websites are useful when looking for summer positions, internships and full and part-time jobs.


General Job Searches (click to view) {expander}


Exercise Science (click to view) {expander}

Coaching Jobs: www.coachgrader.com/jobs.php

Exercise Science: www.exercisejobs.com


Health Science Studies (click to view) {expander}


Environmental Science (click to view) {expander}


Communications (click to view) {expander}


Criminal Justice (click to view) {expander}

Criminal Justice Jobs: www.criminaljusticejobshelp.com/

Law Enforcement Jobs: www.PoliceJobsInfo.com


Wilderness Leadership & Experiential Education (click to view) {expander}

Environmental Education: www.outdoored.com

Experiential Education: www.aee.org

Outdoors Jobs: www.outdoors.org/about/employment/

Sports & Rec.: www.bluefishjobs.com


Education (click to view) {expander}


Internships (click to view) {expander}

Internships: www.internshipprograms.com

LinkedIn Internships: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/internship-jobs

Internships: http://www.internships.com/

Any Intern: http://www.anyintern.com/

International Internships: www.connect-123.com/

Environmental Internships: thesca.org/serve/positions

Original Volunteers: https://www.originalvolunteers.co.uk/


Military Careers (click to view) {expander}

Armed Forces Careers: www.armedforcescareers.com

Military Career Guide Online: www.militarycareers.com


Resources by Major (click to view) {expander}