Student workers are important members of the Brevard College community. We view campus employment as an essential part of your education and professional growth. Through campus employment, you have the opportunity to acquire transferable skills and expertise that build resumes and launch careers as well earn funds to pay towards your education.

Having a job on campus is exceptional part of the Brevard experience. Whether you are giving tours, answering phones, assisting the IT department, working in the dining hall or the operations crew, filing paperwork, assisting at athletic events, or working with the theatre, you will find a great connection to the Brevard community. Plus you will gain valuable work experience and earn money toward tuition and other expenses.

We host a Work-Study Fair each Fall semester for students awarded Federal or State work study.  At the work-study job fair, you will have the opportunity to meet with various departments on campus and express interest directly to them for a work study position. We also have a limited number of off campus employment opportunities available for students eligible for Federal work-study. These are available on a first come, first served basis to students that qualify and are interested. 

  • Please note that a work-study award does not guarantee you employment on campus. You are expected to adhere to a level of responsibility and accountability in each work-study role assigned. Returning students may be requested to stay in a work-study placement after the completion of a successful semester/year. Upperclassman without placement are expected to participate in the work-study job fair in the fall to acquire placement. 
  • Most new students will expect to begin working on campus with our largest work-study sites; admissions, dining services, operations, campus life, athletic department or library.
  • Campus employment hours vary depending on the department/position, but you can expect approximately 5 – 10 hours per week around your academic schedule.
  • The Financial Aid Office located in Beam Administration Building, handles award distribution and payroll details are handled through the Payroll Office located in the second level of Beam Administration. These offices share a commitment to help you succeed in the Campus Work-Study Program. Work study placement and training is handled by the Office for Career Development in Coltrane Commons.  



Welcome! If you are looking for  the required Work Study forms you have come to the correct place! Please download and print the forms prior to arrival in the Fall semester. You can turn them in at the work-study job fair. Otherwise forms can be turned in to the Payroll office in Beam Administration Building (2nd floor).  All documents will need to be turned prior to a work-study contract being issued.  

For payroll purposes you will need a picture ID and a copy of one of the following: Birth certificate, Social Security Card, or Passport.

International Students: please be sure to follow the instructions provided from the link below and print out a copy after submission, this is in addition to all the forms listed below as well.

This is a required document to determine your eligibility to be in the Work Study Program.


All work-study student are required to complete the W-4 form. 

(.pdf, 173K)

All work-study students are required to complete the I-9 form.

(.pdf, 72K)

All work-study students are required to complete the NC-4 form.

(.pdf, 179K)

Students that wish to use their work-study earnings to pay tuition must complete this form and submit it to Payroll in the Beam Administration Building. 

(.pdf, 462K)

Work-study students should complete the direct deposit form and submit to payroll to allow their work-study earnings to be deposited in their bank account. 

(.pdf, 68K)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education.

(.docx, 15K)


All student work-studies should familiarize themselves with the policies in the work-study handbook.  

(.pdf, 217K)

Student Work-studies must complete and electronic time sheet and submit it to their supervisor the last working shift of their month.  

(.xlsx, 80K)