New Computer Information

Many of you may be planning to purchase a new computer before coming to Brevard College. A new computer can be a great asset for you as a college student but it shouldn't be one that breaks the bank. These days, you can acquire a very capable computer for a very competitive price. Additionally, now that you have a student email address, you will be eligible for a lot of student discounts when purchasing new hardware like laptops, tablets, and more. Since there are so many different options that address a variety of needs, we recommend doing your research to determine which machine best suits your individual needs. Some questions to ask are:

  • How much hard drive space do I need to store documents, photos, and install software?
  • How fast will my computer need to be to ensure I can complete the tasks I will execute with my computer?
  • Will I need to be mobile or will I be able to leave my computer in one place?

Brevard College uses software that is compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems. We recommend visiting the student web stores for Apple or Windows to find the best education pricing for Apple or Windows computer.