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Learning Consultant (Tutoring) Spring 2020 Online



Happy Summer!

The Jones Library Building is open 11:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday for the summer.

Use the Ask Us chat at the bottom of this page or email library@brevard.edu, even when the library isn't open. We can answer tech questions, research questions, or directional "who do I talk to about" questions.

We are the hub for college knowledge.


Now, go wash your hands.


ELC Blog

We hear you! (Part 1: Technology)
Last spring, we distributed a survey to the BC community, soliciting your feedback on the Library and ELC. This is the first in a series of blog entries addressing questions and suggestions that came up in the survey.

We Hear You! (Part 2: Collections)

A few survey respondents expressed concern about library collections. We think we might not be as pro-active as we should be at telling everyone about the collections that we do provide, and how those collections are selected. 



Form for Testing

Students who have letters from the disability/accessibility office indicating a need for testing accommodations can now make requests online.
The student initiates the test request with this form:
If you have initiated an online request but have not heard from Kathleen Koontz, Director of Accessibility and Disability Services, contact her BEFORE the day of the test.