All students are now registering themselves for classes. Please contact the registrar if you have any questions about student registration. 


To check the registration status of your advisees, use the registration report/worksheet.

Granting Registration Clearance (Click to View){expander}

Before a student can register for classes, their advisor must grant them clearance. This is done after meeting with the student and reviewing the registration worksheet that the student prepared.

Watch the short video below to learn how to grant registration clearance to students approved for self-registration. 

Adding a Course Authorization (Click to View){expander}

If you have approved a student to register for one of your classes but they have not officially met the course requirements or pre-requisites, you will need to add a course authorization for that student. They will not be able to register nor will their advisor be able to register them without adding a course authorization. Watch the video below to learn how to add a course authorization using MyBrevard.



Students must be financially clear to participate in class registration. Any unmet financial obligation to the College will result in a HOLD on your academic record. Financial obligations to the College include, but are not limited to, student account balance, parking, library, and campus life fines. Your student account needs to be paid in full or you must be current with your monthly payments before you will be allowed to participate in registration. An exceptionally high amount of fines could also affect your registration.