Important Information for Returning Students

Please read the following documents before returning to campus.

Be sure to complete these required forms before returning on your assigned check-in date:


What do you need to know before you return?

  • All students must get a COVID-19 test before returning to campus. Students will not be permitted
    to move into the residence halls or attend classes without negative test results. Please reference the information sent via email from Michael Cohen for details about check-in dates and times.
  • The test must be 3-5 days before the scheduled check-in date. For example, if a student has a check-in date of January 15th a test should be taken between January 10-12th. This should be enough time for the results to be in before moving back to campus. 
  • Students that are in Brevard or close to Brevard can come on Monday, January 11, or Wednesday, January 13 to get tested on campus. Testing will take place from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM on each of those dates. 
  • All students must agree to the student health agreement to return for the spring semester. We encourage students to talk with their parents before agreeing to the Student Health Agreement. 

What should I do if my test is positive? 

  • Anyone testing positive before arriving on campus should email and remain at home for quarantine.
  • Once the 10-day quarantine is over, the student should email for instructions to return to campus. 

What should I do if I come in contact with someone positive before returning to campus?  

  • Anyone considered a close contact should email and remain at home until the 7-10 day quarantine is over.
  • The person will need to have a negative test result before returning to campus. 

How can I find a place to get tested?

  • NC residents can go to the NCDHHS website to find the closest testing event.
  • Other states should have a similar website. 

What if my test results are not back before my check-in date?

  •  Students without a negative test will need to reschedule their check-in day and time. 

Testing Plan for on Campus (after you return):

  • Campus-wide testing will occur every Monday and Wednesday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM the Auxiliary Gym. Participants do not need an appointment to get tested.
  • Our goal is to test every member of the campus once each month. To achieve that goal, we will conduct random testing of twenty-five percent of the campus community each week. The twenty-five percent will include students, faculty, and staff and will be required. We realize some of our campus community prefer to test weekly. Weekly testing is encouraged but not required. Those wishing to get tested weekly can use the weekly testing events. 
  • Student-Athlete Testing Plans: Our athletic conference requires that all members of the football and men's and women's basketball teams test weekly. The requirement for the other sports are twenty-five percent of the rosters every other week. We felt this was not adequate for our campus. We have decided on the following testing protocol for our student-athletes. We think the protocol below will provide the best opportunity to prevent an outbreak among our teams.
  • Football, Men's and Women's Basketball: 100% will test weekly. 50% of the roster for all other sports will test weekly.

What if I have other questions? 

  • Students can email with any COVID-19 related questions or for all other questions. 

Will classes be in-person or online?

  • With input from the faculty, the Executive Leadership Team decided that all classes during the first week of the semester
    (January 19-22) would be taught online. Having all classes online for the first week
    will enable the College to evaluate the situation with the entire student body on campus before proceeding with in-person classes.  As of now, in-person classes are scheduled to begin on
    Monday, January 25.

Should students remain home until in-person classes resume? 

  • No. Students coming back to campus will allow us to start our COVID-19 protocols with testing, temperature and symptoms checking, and aggressive quarantine where needed. Students should return to campus for their assigned check-in day and time. Check-in information is in the email sent by Michael Cohen. Our testing plan will begin on January 18 for the entire campus community. 

All current policies and procedures regarding COVID-19 are available on the COVID information page.

Athletics updates can be found at

If you have questions about check-in please contact