The Office of Financial Aid is located on the first floor of Beam Administration Building.  

Welcome to the Office of Financial Aid.  We are here to assist you in navigating the financial aid process as well as understanding the impact of scholarships, grants, and loans during your time at Brevard College and into your future.  Please feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding your financial aid at or 828.641.0113.


For information about your specific financial aid information, please click this link and make sure you are logged in with your My.Brevard credentials to view your information.   



Contact us:

Financial Aid Office- 828.641.0113



Learn more about budgeting and preparing for fiscal responsibility.

Are you familiar with creating a personal budget? Can you balance your checking account? Do you understand how credit cards work? Do you know your FICO score? If you are taking out loans to help pay for college, do you have a plan for managing your debt after you graduate? All of these questions and many more are addressed in “financial literacy", go check it out today!

Work Study

Welcome! If you are looking for Work Study forms you have come to the correct place! If you wish to get your paperwork done early, feel free to print all tax and payment agreement forms available to you below.


International Students: please be sure to follow the instructions provided from the link below and print out a copy after submission, this is in addition to all the forms listed below as well.

This is a required document to determine your eligibility to be in the Work Study Program.


All documents will need to be turned in at the mandatory Work Study Meeting on August 20th at 8PM in Ingram Auditorium.  If there are any questions about these forms please speak with Nacole Potts who is located in the Coltrane building next to the Library.

(.pdf, 123K)
(.pdf, 72K)
(.pdf, 179K)

Please scan this document back to or turn it in to the Financial Aid Office, located in the Beam Administration Building across from the Bell Tower.

(.pdf, 462K)

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress

Fine Arts Auditions- Currently Enrolled Students

The Admissions and Financial Aid Offices make every effort to give incoming students the maximum award package possible. Students currently enrolled at Brevard College may audition for Fine Arts Scholarships (Music, Theatre, and/or Art). If faculty in the Fine Arts elect to offer them a Fine Arts Scholarship, then the Fine Arts Scholarship award will replace a previous awarded Merit or Half-Tuition Scholarship. The Fine Arts award amount will not exceed the previously awarded Merit or Half-Tuition Scholarship award amount.


Students seeking additional financial aid resources should complete the Graduation Grant application available on their my.brevard accounts.