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How do I connect to WiFi?{expander}

If you are a BC student, faculty or staff member:

  1. Connect to BC-Wifi with the password BCTornados2013!
  2. Open a browser.  Then follow the steps for device authentication.
  3. You will be required to have
    • Your Brevard College username
    • Your password
    • An up to date anti-virus application

Community members or guests may use the BC-Guest network and will be asked to follow a similar authentication protocol. 



How do I reset my password?{expander}

Please visit the username and password information page to learn more about managing your password(s) at Brevard College. 

How do I login to my Brevard College Email?{expander}

Go to and enter your Brevard College email address along with your Brevard College Google password. Your email is typically your last name followed by your first and middle initial. 

Your initial password is provided during orientation. Learn more about logging in to your email as well as how to manage your password on our username/password page. 

What is MyBrevard and how do I login?{expander}

MyBrevard provides an array of information and services for students, faculty, and staff. Students can use MyBrevard to register for classes, pay for classes, request transcripts, and more. Faculty can use MyBrevard to enter grades, view schedules, and more. Additionally, there is a lot of useful information for faculty, staff, and students on MyBrevard.

To access MyBrevard, go to Your username is your last name followed by your first and middle initial. For example,

Full name = Jamie Coleman Warren

Network Username = warrenjc

NOTE: Before you can login to MyBrevard you must change your default network password. This can only be done on a Brevard College computer located on campus. Once you login to any campus computer for the first time, you will be able to update your password. Learn more about managing passwords at Brevard on our username/password page.

How do I connect my gaming device or TV to the internet{expander}

To connect a gaming device or smart TV to the wireless network, it will need to be registered. Please note that this can only be done from on campus. These pages are not available off campus.

  1. You will need the MAC or IP address of the device.  For instructions on obtaining your Mac address, click here.

  2. Go to

  3. Enter your network username and password.

  4. Select the device type from the drop down menu then click Register.  

  5. Restart the device and it should then properly connect to the network.


What is Google Drive and how do I use it?{expander}

Google Drive is the new home for Google Docs, Google Sheets, and more! Drive provides each member of Brevard College with UNLIMITED online (cloud) storage space for any type of file(s) (pdf, docx, jpg, pptx, etc.).

Learn more about using Google Drive on the EdTech page or check out our Youtube playlist for Google Drive. 

Ready to get started? The video below will show you how to add the Google Drive desktop app to your college computer.



What computer should I buy?{expander}

Many of you may be planning to purchase a new computer before coming to Brevard College. A new computer can be a great asset for you as a college student but it shouldn't be one that breaks the bank. These days, you can acquire a very capable computer for a very competitive price. Additionally, now that you have a student email address, you will be eligible for a lot of student discounts when purchasing new hardware like laptops, tablets, and more. Considering that there are so many different options that address a variety of needs, we recommend doing your research to determine which machine best suits your needs. Some questions to ask are:

  • How much hard drive space do I need to store documents, photos, and install software?
  • How fast will my computer need to be to ensure I can execute all of the processes needed to complete the tasks I plant to complete using my computer?
  • Will I need to be mobile or will I be able to leave my computer in one place? 

Brevard College uses software that is compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems. We recommend visiting the student web stores for Apple or Windows to find the best education pricing for Apple or Windows computer.  

How can I get Microsoft Office on my computer?{expander}

Visit and login with your Brevard College email address and your network password. Once logged in, you can download Office or use one of the web-based apps available to you. 

 Installing Office Apps

How can I get help with anything else?{expander}

If you are on campus, submit a ticket to the Helpdesk. If you are off campus please email You can also call 828-884-8303. Leave a voicemail if no picks up and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What happens to my email when I graduate? {expander}

Please visit this page in the Alumni section to learn more about what happens to your email when you graduate and what you can do to preserve your account data.