Office of Safety and Risk Management

It is our mission to make certain that everyone feels secure at our school, and it is our intention to insure that everyone’s experience at Brevard College is as safe, enjoyable and productive as possible.


DIAL 911 or
DIAL 9-911 (campus telephone network)
DIAL Campus Security: 577-9590

Important Information

As required by the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act the following link is provided in regard to campus crime statistics (Clery Statistics).   In accordance with the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act the following link is provided regarding where North Carolina registered sex offenders can be located(


{expander}Walking Dogs on Campus


WALKING DOGS ON CAMPUS – BREVARD COLLEGE POLICY September 20, 2004 Pets walked on campus must be leashed and owners must pick up waste. Students, faculty, and staff, as well as members of the Brevard community, are welcome to walk their dogs on campus, provided the pet is leashed, and that owners or keepers pick up and remove all waste from College property. It is important to remember that dog owners or keepers are responsible for any damage, accidents, and bites caused by their pets. By restraining your pet, you can also help prevent unwanted breeding and protect your pet from getting injured, lost, or stolen. Brevard College requires dog walkers to remove and properly dispose of any waste left by their pets. This regulation covers waste left anywhere on campus, including sidewalks, pathways, streets, lawns, and athletic fields. When walking your dog on campus, please carry a bag or some other means to remove and properly dispose of the waste. These rules are intended to protect the public from potentially hazardous health conditions, and to prevent environmental pollution caused by pet waste. Violators of this regulation will receive a warning ticket from a Campus Security Officer for the first offense. Repeated failure to adhere to this regulation will result in restricting the owner or keeper of the offending pet from walking their dog on Brevard College property.


{expander}Student use of College Vehicles


All general provisions will apply that are outlined in the Use of College Vehicles and Guidelines titled “Use of College Vehicles (Fac-Staff)” dated 9/13/05. The following policy will be followed regarding students.

Van Authorization for Students Authorized van drivers include:

  1. Any student 21 years of age or older who has at least three (3) years of driving experience, has fewer than four (4) points on his/her record, and has completed the Van Driver Safety Education course.
  2. Students who have met the above requirements are authorized to drive vans.

Sedan Authorization for Students Authorized drivers include:

  1. Any student 21 years of age or older who has at least three (3) years of driving experience, and has fewer than four (4) points on his/her record.
  2. Students who have met the above requirements are authorized to drive sedans.

All vehicle trips must be accompanied by a faculty or staff member who must be in the vehicle being driven by a student or be in the same caravan.

The College reserves the right to restrict anyone from driving a College vehicle if the person has a behavioral history including, but not necessarily limited to, alcohol and/or drug violations, that would demonstrate the individual lacks the maturity and judgment to be entrusted with the use of a College vehicle.


{expander}Parking Regulations and Ticket Appeals Procedures


All Brevard College students who have a car on campus (including commuters) are required to have a valid parking permit   All students will receive either a Resident parking hang tag or a Commuter hang tag which will be assigned at the beginning of the fall 2018 semester and which will be used throughout the time they are at Brevard College.   The tag must be hung on your rearview mirror.  There will be no charge to register a vehicle on Campus.  The College assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss involving any type of vehicle parked on the Campus.


In order to register a vehicle students must complete a “Student Profile/Vehicle Registration” form on line.  Once registered, a student will receive a permit for his/her vehicle at the time of Confirmation.   All hanging tags must be properly displayed by placing them on their rear view mirror. 


There will be a $30.00 fine charged for each parking ticket issued.  Parking ticket appeals should be brought to the Director of Safety, Security, and Risk Management (2nd floor of Stamey Hall).   If the Director issued the ticket, the appeal can be brought to the Dean of Students.  All appeals must be received within five days of the date on the ticket. 


Parking is controlled in certain locations by signage and striping.   PLEASE NOTE: “yellow” striping ALWAYS designates Faculty/Staff parking (8 AM – 5 PM) and “green” striping ALWAYS designates  “commuter” parking (8 AM – 5 PM).   This year green striping will be discontinued as it fades out.  The green striping will be replaced by white striping.  Commuter parking will be designated by signage alone and it will be the residential students’ responsivity to read the signs and familiarize themselves with those areas designated for commuters.  Any residential student found to be misusing a commuter hang tag will be fined $500.00.


Please note that all the parking spaces behind the Complex will be designated with “yellow” striping and are to be used only by those living in the Complex.


 Students may park only in those areas authorized by their permit, and they are prohibited from parking in the Visitor Parking spaces in front of the Bell Tower.   No one is authorized to park along the curbs or on the grass (except for designated maintenance or emergency response vehicles).  Those cited for parking on the grass may be charged a restitution fee, in addition to a fine.   Anyone authorized to park in spaces reserved for “Handicapped Parking” must display an appropriate license plate, a state issued tag or emblem, or a Brevard College handicapped hanging tag.


 All parking spaces designated for “Faculty” may also be used by members of the Staff.


Individuals who have ignored more than three parking tickets, will be notified by Campus Security and they will be required to meet with the Director of Residence Life or the Dean of Students.


The following violations may result in the suspension of operating privileges on Brevard College property: driving on the campus while impaired, using a vehicle to store items otherwise prohibited on campus, the accumulation of three unpaid parking tickets, and any moving violations occurring on Campus.  The Campus wide speed limit is 15 miles per hour.  Drivers will be ticketed for reckless driving and for failing to stop at STOP signs.