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Exercise Physiology (EXS 310)

Term: 2020-2021 Academic Year Fall


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Mon-Thu, 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM (8/17/2020 - 11/25/2020) Location: MAIN MSX 122


The purpose of this course is to learn how the metabolism and the physiological systems, including the muscular, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems, integrate during acute and chronic exercise. Application will be made to disease prevention. Exercise physiological principles are reinforced and applied in a laboratory or field setting in which students will gain also an understanding of basic scientific data acquisition and processing. Three hours of lecture and two hours of lab. Prerequisite: EXS 110, and BIO 210, and BIO 220 (each with grade of C - or better or permission of instructor). Offered every fall. Note: Student may not receive credit for both EXS 301, Applied Sport Physiology, and this course.