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Holistic Wellness (LNC 297)

Term: 2021-2022 Academic Year Fall


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Wed, 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM (8/24/2021 - 12/17/2021) Location: MAIN MG 138


This course will focus on developing the learners' understanding of wellness using a holistic definition including social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual, and physical wellness. Using the health science discipline, learners will learn about the body's physiology and how nutrition, exercise, and sleep impact our wellness regimen. Learners will also develop critical thinking skills as they analyze research findings related to public health and wellness initiatives. From the education discipline, learners will examine the way schools have been used to test and promote different health/wellness endeavors from fads to credible approaches. The three hour course block will allow for experiential methods such as cooking demos, guest speakers, and field work related to wellness. Finally, the course will develop students' capacity to use the experiential learning cycle to learn, reflect, and strengthen their own ability to make choices toward wellness. Meet