• the treatment of light and shade in drawing and painting
  • an effect of contrasted light and shadow created by light falling unevenly or from a particular direction on something.

In this chaotic world, there are many interpretations of what light and dark mean. You don’t have to choose a side―just allow either to help spread your wings. 

Chiaroscuro is the creative voice of Brevard College. We welcome all writers and artists from the Brevard College community (students, staff, faculty, and alumni) to submit poetry, nonfiction, fiction, theatre pieces, and art/photography that induce thought-provoking questions for our readers. 

We want the Brevard College community to come together and share in a love for diversity and creativity. By showcasing current issues through literature, Chiaroscuro pushes the boundaries of what is conventional and shines light upon those whose voices have been dismissed. 

Chiaroscuro exists to encourage growth, kindness, hope, and self-expression. 

We are here to help showcase your voice and art. We recommend that you look at earlier versions of the literary journal to get a feel for what is expected. We are privileged to learn and grow alongside our readers. 

Past Chiaroscuro Issues

Welcome to Chiaroscuro!

Welcome to the web presence for Chiaroscuro, Brevard College's print literary and arts journal. We are published annually and feature art, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and theatre pieces written by Brevard College students, staff, faculty, and alumni. 

You can find our digitized issues here, including our most recent 2020 edition. The 2021 edition of Chiaroscuro is forthcoming April 2021, with details for the release party coming soon.

Follow us on social media on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for updates and features from the journal. 


Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor: Mickayla Smith

Art & Design Editors: Emmaline Grennan and Kym Caldwell

Fiction & Nonfiction Editor: Carrie LaBonte

Poetry & Theatre Editor: Sarah Hajkowski

Social Media Manager: Caroline Hoy

Assistant Editors: Aaron Butts, Vince Davis, Jaylin Hall, Mazie Hayden, Deshontae Kirkland, Alex Krusiewig, Robby Massey, Damon Rouse, Remi Strickland, Sam Westlund

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alyse Bensel, Assistant Professor of English

Chiaroscuro is currently closed for submissions. Please check back in Fall 2021 when we reopen. Submit to us by emailing, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

General Submission Guidelines

When submitting, please consider the following: 

  • During the reading period, you may submit twice in any genre. Once you submit, please wait to receive a reply from the staff. 

  • Use Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or a PDF for text submissions instead of pasting your work in the body of the email. For visual art, please attach jpegs. 

  • Submit a cover letter for your work in the body of your email submission. This includes:
    • A message to the editors
    • Any information you want to give the editors about your work
    • Contact information
    • A 50 to 75-word bio about yourself or the BC-affiliated individual who created the work. Please tell us your majors/minors, any upcoming work, which classes you’re in, and how long you have been writing or creating art. 

Poetry Submission Guidelines

Submit up to three poems totaling no more than six pages. 

Nonfiction and Fiction Submission Guidelines

Submit up to two nonfiction or fiction pieces totaling up to ten double-spaced pages.

Theatre Submission Guidelines

Submit one theatre piece between five to ten pages.

Art/Photography Submission Guidelines

Submit up to two pieces of art that can be size/width. Art can be black and white and/or color. Photos can landscape or portrait. 

We also consider art exhibited as part of themed exhibitions and the juried student art show through the Brevard College Fine Arts Division.

Chiaroscuro and Brevard College do not support plagiarized work. We will not accept any work that resembles slander or spouts hate towards any group of people and/or individual.