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Fall 2017 Exam Schedule

Below is the Fall 2017 exam schedule, in two formats.

FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE Fall Sem 2017 Format A

FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE Fall Sem 2017 Format B


*No student will be required to take 3 exams on the same day.  It is the student’s responsibility to speak with the instructors involved and to request moving one of the exams to a time convenient for both the student and the instructor.  

*Students cannot use travel arrangements as justification for requesting exam time changes.

*Courses in physical education give their final exams during the last week of classes.  Fine Arts courses which use juries, performances, or projects in lieu of a final exam are not required to schedule additional testing during the final exam week.  All other courses will meet at the scheduled exam time to conduct final testing or to accomplish some other meaningful educational activity.

*Classes which meet more than 3 hours per week and, therefore, use more than one class time will take the final exams during the exam time for the first scheduled class period of the week, e.g., Monday class. 

*Exams for classes which do not occur during one of the regular class times designated above should be scheduled at the time period most similar.

*Faculty should not schedule an exam (studio or other) for a group of students in a time slot that has been set aside for another class time.  Doing so places a burden on other faculty for rescheduling.

Any exceptions to the above schedule and policies must be approved by the appropriate Division Chair and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.