Brevard College values the diversity of its community and promotes inclusivity for all students, including those with disabilities. The mission of Student Accessibility & Disability Services is to help create an accessible, inclusive, sustainable learning environment where disability is recognized as an aspect of diversity that is integral to the campus community and to society.  This office serves as a resource for students and the campus community. 

The goals and objectives of Student Accessibility & Disability Services are to:

  • Promote and facilitate access through collaborative partnerships, innovative strategies, and proactive solutions;
  • Create inclusive environments by engaging and supporting the campus community in progressive system change; increase the recruitment, transition, retention, and graduation of students with disabilities;
  • Consult regarding the reduction of barriers for persons with disabilities;
  • Ensure the effective delivery of accommodations.



Students who need academic, housing, or dietary accommodations should contact Student Accessibility & Disability Services to discuss needs, access appropriate forms, and submit supporting professional documentation. Please use the links (located to the left and right menus of this page) related to each type of accommodation for additional information and forms.

Academic Accommodations:  Ideally, academic accommodations should be requested prior to the start of the first semester of enrollment for an optimal transition.  Accommodations may be requested and evaluated for implementation at any time during the semester but some approved accommodations require planning time to arrange.  Once students make an academic accommodation request and submit supporting documentation, a "Welcome Meeting" (either virtual or in-person) will be arranged to discuss the details of the request and to confirm approved reasonable accommodations.  Students with approved academic accommodations receive an Academic Accommodation Letter (AAL) that they share directly with their professors.  

Housing Accommodations:  Housing accommodations should be requested and approved at least 60 days prior to the start of the semester to assure that Campus Life/Housing Office has the necessary time to arrange for the appropriate accommodation.  Ideally, requests should be made before June 1 for Fall Semester and October 1 for Spring Semester. While housing accommodation requests will be considered at other times, approved accommodations that occur outside of a 60-day advance notice may be delayed up to one semester depending upon space available.  Note: New ESA requests cannot be considered between August 1-September 15, or between December 15-February 1.  

If given short notice outside of these deadlines, added to the heightened concerns on campus regarding health considerations and COVID-19 protocols, students may be required to wait until the following semester for an approved housing accommodation to bring an approved ESA.

Please note that ESAs are not allowed at Brevard Music Center.  This housing is leased on a temporary basis and not owned by the college.  Approved students will need to reside on the main campus.





Accessibility & Disability Services

Phone & Fax:  828-641-0653


Jones Library Room 112