About Housing Accommodations

Brevard College provides reasonable housing accommodations that enable residents with documented disabilities to participate in campus housing.  Housing accommodation requests are submitted to the Director of Student Accessibility and Disability Services.  Each request is reviewed based on supporting professional documentation.

The diagnosis of a medical/mental health condition does not automatically qualify a student for housing accommodations.  Students requesting housing accommodations for a medical or disability-related need must follow the procedure outlined below and provide appropriate professional documentation to verify the need for the requested accommodation.  Any student requesting housing accommodations must have completed the necessary College registration procedures through Admissions and Campus Life to be eligible to request a housing accommodation.


What if I need to have quiet surroundings to study because of my disability?

Residence halls and student housing are designed as living areas. Thus, they do not fall into the category of needing to be quiet study spaces for disabilities that affect focus, concentration, or distractibility.  Several areas on campus are designated study areas. Staff can help students find possible areas on campus suitable for studying.  Private study rooms are available in Jones Library. Students may also use noise-canceling headphones, white noise devices, or phone apps to help block distracting sounds.

Procedure for Students Requesting Housing Accommodations

Review and complete the Guidelines and Request for Accessible Student Housing Accommodation form.

Arrange to meet with your professional health care provider to share the Documentation of Medical Need for Accessible Housing Accommodations form.  Ask him or her complete the form. 


Housing Accommodations for Temporary Impairments

Students who experience injuries, surgeries, extended illness, or any other sudden medical condition may need temporary academic, housing, or facility-related accommodations.  Whenever possible, the Office of Student Accessibility and the Office of Campus Life will achieve to arrange for any necessary changes to student housing in order to accommodate unexpected accessibility needs.  

Student Accessibility and Disability Services located in Jones Library-Room 112, works with students who need temporary accommodations. For assistance, students should contact the Director of Student Accessibility at 828-641-0653 or email disabilityservices@brevard.edu.  Students seeking assistance should call to discuss their needs or may complete and submit the Temporary Impairment Accommodations Request Form.

Please refer to Guidelines for Assisting Students with Temporary Impairments for additional information about procedures and documentation requirements.


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