About Meal Plan & Dietary Accommodations

Brevard College seeks to engage students with disabilities in all aspects of college life, including dining experiences.  For students who reside on campus, dining services are an important part of residential life and are included with Room and Board fees.  Please refer to Brevard College Dining Services to learn more about facilities and menu options.

Occasionally, students have special dietary needs and require an accommodation to the Meal Plan in the form of a special diet. Many times, these needs can be met by Brevard College Dining Services. Exemptions from the Meal Plan are rare. They are made solely for documented health conditions that require special medically and necessitated diets that cannot be accommodated by Brevard College Dining Services. In the rare instance that Dining Services is unable to provide a reasonable dietary accommodation, the student is granted an exemption and Room and Board fees will be adjusted.

Brevard College has established procedures to ensure that students with documented disabilities have access to reasonable on-campus meal plan accommodations. Students should allow adequate time for application review and accommodation considerations.

Procedures for Students Requesting Meal Plan or Dietary Accommodations

To request a modification to the required Meal Plan or dietary accommodations, please complete the following steps:

  1. Complete and submit the Meal Plan or Dietary Accommodation Request Form.

  2. Arrange to meet with your health care provider to complete documentation to support your request. Documentation must be provided by a medical professional who is trained and qualified to assess the substantially limiting condition and must meet the following requirements:
  • Be written on the letterhead of the medical/health/disability professional/institution issuing the documentation
  • Include a statement of impact and/or limitations on student's diet
  • Include recommendations of appropriate reasonable accommodations
  • Include the date of the most recent office visit
  • Contain the signature and credentials of medical professional
  • Note: Documentation may also be submitted using this form: Professional Documentation Form for Meal Plan or Dietary Accommodations

Students must follow these procedures and provide all the required information in order for a Meal Plan accommodation to be considered.

Please submit all materials to:

Office of Student Accessibility & Disability Services
Fax:  828-884-8293
Phone:  828-641-0653


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